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Update, 6th February 2016: I would like to say a sincere THANK YOU to everyone who has contributed all the wonderful messages in this Guest Book. However, since the huge success of the discussion forum, which began 2010, it has become the main vehicle for exchanging messages, so I'm closing the Guest Book to further entries, but will leave it on display for all to read.

So, if you have any questions that you think other readers can answer, or fancy reminiscing with like minded people, please try my Discussion Forum - it's totally free!

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6th Feb 2106 David Marley Born in Gulson Road hospital in 1951 I lived in Cov from 1951-2001 then moved to Tenerife for 12 years and now live in Germany. I used to be a D.J. after winning a competition at The Wally (Walsgrave pub) organised by Friars promotions. I went on to work at various venues i.e. Red House, Mercers Arms, Sportsmans Arms, Bulls Head (The Stocks) Chesford Grange, Allesley Hotel etc. Then to the Locarno where I worked with Pete Waterman. Later to the TIC TOC. I originally started running discos in Wyken Parish Hall when I was in the scouts and my brother used to sell the pop ! No beer was allowed. The biggest group I put on was Wandering John who I paid a princely sum for in the good old days. Sorry to ramble on (a LED Zep song). All I would like is any old pictures of me working at any of the venues. I am 64 now and only have 1 taken by my friend Peter Burge after his Father built my custom decks with sound to light, a bank of 10 light bulbs in various as well as one of the first strobes. Those were the days my friend. It could also be a Mary Hopkin song. When I come to Cov in June I am going to sell all my original first pressing LPs to, err, well, enjoy myself !!
[If anyone is able to help David, he can be contacted via the forum]
28th Jan 2016 Ann Mellor 66 Grosvenor Rd, Earlsdon Our house was bombed (the one before this one I should say). Does anyone have any information as to who lived here?
4th Jan 2016 Norman Lockhart Kent I had part of my childhood (approx 1948-1953) in Coventry - Middleborough Road and then Romford Road and attending the old Holbrooks School and Parkgate School, then brand new. I vividly recall playing in the bomb sites in Cherry Street, which I think was where the Fire Station now stands. My father was left winger for Coventry City and I have good memories of Highfield Road. I still have some old photographs from the papers and I well remember Alf Wood, George Mason and "Plum" Warner coming to our house. Thank you for reviving good memories of a great city.
2nd Jan 2016 Mike Weston Great Hale, Lincolnshire I was born in 1940, spent the war years at Fields Farm opposite the airport, Cheylesmore bombed out, St Paul's Rd bombed out and Grayswood Avenue. Spent my working life in agriculture, I am a freeman of the city as an agriculturist (1963), worked for Browetts and Western Farms MF dealers until 1972 before working for John Deere until I retired. School was Spencer Avenue 1944? Southfield's till 1950 then Bablake till 1956.
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31st Dec 2015 Sandra Dee Coventry Happy New Year to everyone who makes this such an interesting site.
[Same to you Sandra, thank you too! Rob]
29th Dec 2015 VÃctor Spain Oh what an amazing surprise.
I lived in Coventry in 2013 and I keep very good memories from there.
This web page is brilliant. Excellent job!
[You're very kind, many thanks for such a lovely message!]
8th Nov 2015 Caroline Kennedy Coventry Just found this site, amazing to be able to look back in time, thank you. Would love to talk about Cromers Close, good memories.
5th Nov 2015 Roger Wilson Peterborough A very interesting website and a credit to all concerned. I visited the new Coventry Cathedral in the 1960s with my parents, and I'll have to visit Coventry again some day.
[Thank you for that Roger, I appreciate it!]
5th Oct 2015 Adrian Coppin Bedworth I agree with you that the centre of Coventry has been destroyed by extreme poor planning. I recall kneeling on the rear facing bench seat on a Corp double decker (No. 20), boarding next to the Bridge Restaurant (when it really was a bridge over Hertford Street and traffic actually traversed that road. I used to look out of the bus front window over the engine cover. I was about 4 or 5 at the time '59 or '60. Being able to walk in the relative tranquillity of Broadgate and sit near to Godiva surrounded by greenery. Absolute magic long since gone since the crap called Cathedral Lanes was built. What an eyesore, but Kuwaiti money talks...
At the bus station near Fairfax Street there still exists a single storey brick building that is probably owned by a utility company (electricity?). I recall sitting on a wooden bench waiting for a Midland Red bus to transport me, my mum and grandmother back to Bedworth on a Wednesday afternoon. I sat there each week watching Espley-Tyas build the Swimming Baths. This was well before the Sports Centre was built. Remember Morris Engines at Courthouse Green, Standard Triumph at Tile Hill, Triumph M/Cs at Meriden, the camouflaged exterior of Rootes near Ryton on Dunsmore. Mr. George's nightclub in the corner upstairs at the lower precinct next to C&A. The Bier Kellar in Hertford Street and the Real proper Cinema at the top of Hertford Street before it was redeveloped and became traffic free. Blimey, I'm only 60 years young!
Your website is amazing I thank you for the time and effort you have given to create it. It is wonderful. Thanks for triggering my memories.
29th Sep 2015 Ann Jennifer Whiteside Ontario, Canada Would like to hear from students of Stoke Lodge School attending 1948 to 1953. I graduated in 1953 at age 10.
13th Aug 2015 Kristin H Salem, New Hampshire, USA I read a fascinating series of historical mystery novels by Margaret Frazer, and one was named A Play of Heresy. The author's notes at the end of the book mentioned your marvelous website -- and am I glad! I love British medieval history, though I am woefully ignorant of it, unfortunately. But I am enjoying learning about it.
[Many thanks for such a kind comment Kristin!]
26th Jul 2015 Mark Reading Chester Nice site. Looking for any info on the Reading family from Meadway: Sophy (died 1926), William Ernest, Violet May, Magdalene and John (died 1940). They lived in Meadway from 1920 ish to 1940 odd.
26th Jul 2015 Pam Dray Folkestone Kent I lived in Coventry from 1960-1967 and lived in Westmorland Road, I loved the history of your city and the people and was sad to leave, and went back home to my roots so to speak. One of my friends that lived near me I am doing her family tree for her and would like to put a picture of Queen Street, Coventry as her father lived at 30 in 1911. I would appreciate your help please.
24th Jul 2015 Linda Gray Rugby My father was Headmaster of St Michael's C of E Sshool from 1952 to 1967. I remember the old building somewhere near Much Park Street I think and the new school which was built on Frankpledge Road. The new school was pulled down for a housing estate after my father retired - He would have been very sad. Of course the school was closely linked to the Cathedral hence the name.
I have pictures of the new school but not the old so it would be lovely if anyone has some.
31st May 2015 Christine Virginia, USA I have really enjoyed your historic website! It is very extensive and I especially love the engravings. I shall save up to purchase a copy. What a great loss during the war.
11th May 2015 John Tasker Cambridge Ontario Canada As I was born in Coventry in 1947 I knew very little about the Coventry Blitz. Although I did see some of the remains of the damage from it near my house. You have a very interesting and informative website that I will return to again & again. Thank you for all your hard work putting all this together.
Sincerely John Tasker
1st May 2015 Richard Speake United States I am involved in an architectural project in Coventry and was doing research and read through your site. Very interesting. Thank you.
20th Apr 2015 Gayl Hucks South Australia Formerly my family, mum, dad, grandparents both sides are from Coventry, my grandfather a teacher and champion boxer, his name Alec Clemson, my family name is Catchlove from Ivy Bridge Rd and Nutbrook Ave.
12th Apr 2015 Richard Cook Coventry I am currently researching for a book. I was born in Coventry and spent my first twenty-eight years in the City, working for the last four years with the Department of Architecture and Planning. I have since lived all over the world, working with the United Nations. It was a pleasure to find this website and to bring back childhood memories. Please keep up the good work.
1st Mar 2015 Margaret Luxton Poole, Dorset Have just found this site, and so glad that I did. It is such a treat to see so many fascinating photos of 'my Coventry'. Having lived there from birth, I too have seen so many changes, from the bombed out houses, right through to 1980 when we re-located to Poole on account of my husband's career. Sadly, there seems to be so little left of 'my old Coventry' where all my happiest memories were formed. Thank you for forming this Guest Book, etc. ..... it is brilliant! Don't suppose that you could possibly help me to find a girl that I knew in the early 1960s ........ please! It would mean so much to me. Her name was Marian Prince, she lived in Cheylesmore and we both worked at Hawker Siddeley Aviation, Whitley. Any help would be much appreciated.
25th Feb 2015 Elizabeth Moulton (nee Fullwood) Originally Beechwood Avenue I was in the guard of honour when the Queen & Prince Philip laid the foundation stone of the New Cathedral. Has anyone got photos of that day, as mine got lost when my parents left Coventry? There was a photo of Prince Philip talking to some first class guides & I was in that picture. I would love to find it again.
22nd Feb 2015 Jean Ashby Coventry I am researching the Porter family tree, my grt, granddad lived in Far Gosford Street around 1911. He was born in 1887, his name was Daniel Porter, father was Edwin Porter born 1863. I love family history and have done for years but sometimes you hit a "brick wall". Any help?
22nd Feb 2015 Christopher Parkhurst London and Coventry Fascinating website. I only lived in Coventry as a schoolboy between 1955 and 1962. But those formative years left an everlasting impression about a City I came to love and miss. Every week I watched the new cathedral being constructed and attended two dedication services when it was finished but before it was fully open. The Precinct was a clean, busy and thriving place and buses terminated at Broadgate from where almost everywhere was easily reached. Planners have managed to spoil the city centre since then, alas. I frequently returned until three years ago to see family and friends and for many years regarded myself as a Coventrian in exile.
19th Feb 2015 Sheilah Bowerman Tackford Rd 1941-1966 Just love all this. In touch with nearly all from Tackford Rd my age. Meet up once A year. Loved the Morris, 2 brothers worked there. Went to club often with family, also played in air raid shelters. Would love to buy Paradise St School but not won the lotto yet. Who had a ride on the rocking horse? Loved Mrs Major. Anyone remember me, I now live in Cornwall.
4th Feb 2015 Jean Hodes Marlow but originally from Foleshill I'm trying to remember a shop in Foleshill - Churchill Ave, Queen Mary's Road area - and a name I have in my mind is Snooks, Snook, have no idea how to spell it. It was a general shop I think, or maybe a sweetie shop. Does anyone remember it?
27th Jan 2015 Keith Hart Exhall Sir, My current 'bedtime' reading is a book by Dan Jones entitled 'The Hollow Crown' (The Wars of the Roses and the rise of the Tudors). It is a really fascinating insight into England's upheaval around 1450s with a large number of references to Coventry; King Henry VI & Queen Margeret. It expounds your references into the broader significance of our Country's termoil.
You may wish to consider putting this cause of my insomnia on to your 'Further Reading' list !

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